Work Hard, Dream Big

"Vision is the act of seeing what is invisible to others."
- Late Shri K.M. Goenka

Late Shri K.M. Goenka

Late Shri K.M. Goenka was an inspiration to every life he touched.

Goenkaji established Goenka & Associates Educational Trust (GAET) to impart the best affordable education to students by focussing on giving every child equal opportunities.

Beginning with Gokuldham High School and Junior College, followed by Yashodham High School & Junior College, Vasant Vihar High School & Junior College,Vasant Vihar Playmate Pre-School, Playmate Pre-School, Lakshdham High School and Lakshdham Playmate Pre-School have been established and are being efficiently run by his daughter Ms Sunita Goenka and her professional team.

GAET also runs Thane Police School, a school dedicated to educating the children of men and women in Police Force. It is a unique initiative taken by GAET and Thane's Police Commissionerate.

Late Mrs Usha Khandwala

Late Mrs Usha Khandwala (08.05.1931 - 06.12.2017)

Founder - Managing Trustee | Goenka & Associates Educational Trust | 1981 - 2017
Late Mrs Usha Khandwala played a major role in the establishment of Goenka & Associates Educational Trust in 1981.
With her exceptional experience in teaching and management, she played a key role as a Managing Trustee so efficiently that her work is remembered even today.