Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow

"We teach, model, and encourage a love of learning, collaboration, and compassion for others."

Mrs Sheetal Sinha

Lakshdham Playmate Pre-School

We believe that our students are the hope of tomorrow and we are dedicated to helping them become confident, eager learners. Our learning experiences are balanced; we know that children benefit from guided learning balanced with their play which is also their work! Their happiness and confidence is evident in all they do.
At Lakshdham Playmate Pre-School, we believe in establishing strong partnerships with our families as we prepare our students for their elementary years and beyond. Our daily instructional experiences address all of the learning domains of young children: social-emotional, cognitive, oral language, pre-academic, motor and creative skills. Throughout all of their school day, we view children's ability to express themselves, solve problems and gain information as essential to their development.