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In School
Relaxed and unpressured atmosphere for utmost stimulation.
Spacious well-planned, well lit, well ventilated aesthetically designed school building with a colourful interior and Experienced, efficient, well trained, caring and patient staff, who shall be mother substitutes.
Appropriate teacher-pupil ratio.
Highly individualized child-centred learning experiences.
Environment rich in learning resources.
Modern Edutainment material for the development of self-confidence, language and expression.
Abundant fascinating concrete play equipment for the over-all development of the child.
Air-conditioned, Multipurpose mini Auditorium-cum-Theatre having provision for holding puppet shows, cultural activities and audio visual shows.
Intriguing and colourful Fauna / Flora / Aqua Mosaic Art Gallery.
Decentralized, open, flexible space divided into functional areas.
A well stacked class library, with open shelves, easily and independently accessible.
Provision to handle educational equipment in a user-friendly atmosphere.
A well-furnished and attended medical room.
Safe, clean, cool Aquaguard filtered drinking water.
A health drink and nutritious, tasty snacks, hygienically cooked and served.