Message from CEO

Ms.Meera Kothari

CEO of GAET Counselling Centre

Health and Happiness are one of the two important buzzwords the whole world is trying to seek  “24 x 7”.Ingredients for healthy happy human life ranges from balanced diet, exercises to balanced emotions, inner peace amidst the sea of choices for food and fun. This has a great probability of swaying between appropriate and inappropriate selection of offered choices. The consequences could be physical and mental health hazards affecting society, nation and world at large.
Educational institutions definitely play a major role to help young mind in the process of developing a balanced Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient so as to achieve “happiness" at large without disturbing the ecological and psychological equilibrium of the earth,oneself and humankind.
Striving for excellence in providing education along with human-touch being the motto of GAET schools, great emphasis and efforts are made on improving and maintaining mental health and hygiene of school age children. It is indeed a need of the hour. GAET has set up four Guidance and Counselling units, two at Goregaon and two at Thane managed by mental health and Para-medical professionals to achieve the desired result. It involves various life skills training, conscious and informed choices and decision making, be it educational to personal and tailor-made intervention programme to facilitate academic adjustment and success.
I am sure this mission will generate healthy psycho-educational approach, personal value system and resilience to face the really difficult time of their life and emerge as “Happy Healthy Youth”.
 With warm regards,
Meera Kothari