Goenka & Associates Educational Trust is a leading name in the field of Education.It is a pioneer in introducing School Mental Health.To help the students guide through the challenging process of developing and sustaining positive psychology.The Counselling Centre offers:

  Counselling & Guidance
     Individual   Classroom
     Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance
     Occupational Therapy
      Speech and Language
     Remedial Training & Special Education
     Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration Therapy
     Brain Gym
     Speech & Language Enhancement Therapy
     Aqua Therapy
     Animal Assisted Therapy (AAA)
     Music Therapy
     Arts Based Therapy (ABT)
     Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy(ABA)
     Dance & Movement Therapy (DMT)
  Special Features
    Kids Club
     Hobby Classes (Skating & Dance)
     Shadow Teaching in Pre-School and Std I
     Personal Safety Education Programme against Child Sexual Abuse
     Medical Consultation