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Q.1 How old is the school?

Ans: The school was established in the year 2008.
Q.2 What is the student teacher ratio?
Ans: The student teacher ratio is 25:1 and one additional help in the Nursery.
Q.3 Do you provide bus facility?
Ans: Yes, we provide bus facility to the students who wish to avail of the same
Q.4 How safe are the school buses?
Ans: Our school buses are very safe. They are managed under the aegis of GAET. The bus staff is very affectionate and caring towards the students. Every bus has a male and a female attendant. School buses have relied on surveillance cameras from many years, most commonly using an in-bus CCTV system complete with camera and recorder. All the buses comply with the guideline and specifications of the RTO.
Q.5 Do you serve snacks/food to the students?,
Ans: Yes , the school provides healthy and nutritious snacks to the students every day. Snacks is prepared in school by the school staff in a clean and hygienic environment.
Q.6 Who do I inform about my child's food allergies?
Ans: You have to inform the class teacher about any food/drink allergy your child has. You
also have to fill in the Medical History form provided in the School Information Manual
Q.7 How do you handle if a child falls sick or needs immediate medical attention during school hours?
Ans: If a child falls sick during school hours the parents are immediately informed and advised
to collect their ward from the school. If the child is hurt and requires immediate medical attention the parents are immediately informed and the child is taken to the nearby medical centre with due approval from the parents. No medicine is administered by the school unless the same has been given in writing by the parents. However, as a matter of practice we advise the parents not to send their ward to school if he/she is sick or suffering from any contagious disease.
Q.8 Do you serve children with special needs?
Ans: Yes we do, the school has a Shadow Teacher who takes care of the needs of the special children in the Pre-Primary Section.
Q.9 Do you have a School Counsellor?
Ans: Yes, we have in-house school counsellors for the parents and students. A well equipped
counselling centre is set up in the school premises. Therapists and remedial educators are available throughout the day for the students.
Q.10 What curriculum is implemented/followed?
Ans: The school devises its own curriculum which is prepared by its competent teaching staff,
keeping in mind the holistic development of the child.

Q.11 Do the students go on a field trip? How often ?
Ans: Yes, the students are taken regularly for a field trip. These trips are organised to
enhance the child's ability to grasp the topic taught better.
Q.12 Do you give any home work to the students?
Ans: No, the students are not burdened with any homework.
Q.13 How do you inform the parents of what the child is doing each month?
Ans: At the end of every week parents receive the rhymes & the syllabus portion completed
for that week. They are also informed of all the activities done by their ward during the month.
Q.14 How do you inform the parents about their ward's progress/development?
Ans: The child's progress/development is formally discussed with the respective class
teacher during the Open House Days scheduled through the year.
Q.15 How do you evaluate/assess the child?
Ans: The child's progress is closely monitored each day during the various activities
conducted. There is no grading or formal evaluation/exam system.
Q.16 What are the extra-curricular activities for the children?
Ans: Hobby classes are conducted in the various schools run by GAET. Students/parents can
choose the activities of their choice.
Q.17 Does the school have a playground?
Ans: Yes, the school has its own playground adjacent to the school premises. Students are
regularly taken there for free-play activity.
Q.18 Do you have an Annual Day celebration?
Ans: Yes, all the three sections have a Class Annual Day wherein the parents are invited to
watch their ward perform.
Q.19 Who should be contacted for feedback/general queries?
Ans: Our web-site has all the information related to the school. Feedback and general
queries,if any, can be emailed to us. However, our helpful office staff is available during office hours, to answer to your personal queries.
Q.20 Is my ward's admission secured for High School?
Ans: Yes, after your ward has completed the Pre-Primary education and wishes to continue in the school, he/she gets promoted to the Primary Section of the school.